Managed IT Support

for Firms, Businesses and Internal IT Managers

Transfer the risks and frustrations of managing your IT and cyber security to our team of engineers. 


Our local, friendly and highly skilled engineers take pride in supporting business leaders and internal IT Managers manage their IT resources responsibly. For a set monthly fee, we ensure your cloud and on-premises IT is reliable, cyber safe and compliant.

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we manage your IT

itro can be your complete outsourced IT team, or backup support to your inhouse team.  Click here to request your free, upfront IT consultation and review. We’d love to hear from you.

Our Solutions

  • All
  • Cloud
  • Communications
  • Data Management
  • Security

itro Managed Support Plans

  • itro Advanced
    • $ 100 per month, per endpoint*
    • Intermediate Security Level with Some Bill Fluctuation.

      Shared Management of IT Risk


      • Endpoint Monitoring
      • Reporting
      • Antivirus
      • Service Desk Remote Support
      • Security Patching
      • Backup Monitoring
      • Backup Issues/ Security Patching Issues
      • Advanced Firewall Monitoring
      • itro DNS Protect
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  • itro Ultimate
    • $ 130 per month, per endpoint*
    • Set Bills with No Extra Cost.
      We Fully Manage Your IT Risk


      • Endpoint Monitoring
      • Reporting
      • Antivirus
      • Service Desk Remote Support
      • Security Patching
      • Backup Monitoring
      • Backup Issues/ Security Patching Issues
      • Advanced Firewall Monitoring
      • itro DNS Protect
      • On-site Support
      • On-site Routine Visits
      • Annual Training Session
      • Annual External Vulnerability Scan
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*Prices do not include GST

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Why Choose itro?

itro is a customer service company that manages IT devices, infrastructure and cyber security for small to medium businesses. We specialise in supporting Legal Firms, Financial Institutions and internal IT Managers.


Our engineers proactively manage your cloud and physical IT resources,  protecting your team and data from cyber threats. We have been managing IT since 1999, designing and maintaining scalable IT systems that keep teams connected and cyber safe. Ninety-five percent of new clients come to us via recommendation from existing clients.


We offer you tailored cloud and managed services as we know organisations need different levels of IT support, compliance and infrastructure to stay competitive and be an employer of choice. We have complete confidence that itro is the best MSP service in Melbourne to proactively manage your IT and cyber security.

Our Services

IT Support

We give your team the onsite and remote IT support they need to do their jobs. Whenever your team has a problem, needs advice, doesn’t understand how something works, needs to add or delete new users or licenses, or needs support dealing with a third party vendor, we’re there to help! Our engineers speak plain English, and genuinely like helping monitor your systems, devices, data backup, cyber security, Internet, VoIP phones, licenses and much more.

IT Consulting Services

We work with you to find and implement the best, financially responsible IT solutions for your business. We proactively identify threats or potential issues before they become a problem. We help you identify new opportunities to gain competitive advantage through IT resources and be an employer of choice.

Infrastructure Projects

We help you assess what IT you have and need, based on your workforce location and spread, what applications and data your team needs to access, the level of cyber security you want, and the robustness and availability of services you require.

itro procurement

IT Procurement Services

We manage the life cycle of devices, software or services you buy through us, such as Internet services, software licensing and subscription services. We have direct partnerships with leading software and hardware distributors, and we always promote business-grade options. If a device, product or solution you have bought through us doesn’t work, or a third party is being difficult, it’s our problem to fix – not yours.

itro’s Steps to Success

We Understand You

We React & Implement

We Proactively Support

We Manage & Protect

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