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Is Your Business Cyber Smart?

5 steps to protect your business from data theft by being cyber smart With the end of year edging closer, it's a great time to review and improve your online habits. Adopt these five effective measures and protect your business against malicious cyber-attacks: 1. Implement password policies Is your password a generic word...

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Have you tried turning it off it and on again?

Why is a simple solution the cure to a significant amount of IT issues? Because restarting, also known as rebooting, your computer is the magical remedy every PC needs once a day. When you restart your computer, you are essentially dumping the trash and starting off fresh again. What this article will...

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Scammers impersonating LinkedIn, Telstra and XERO

Scammers impersonate reputable brands to steal your data: Cyber-criminals are impersonating LinkedIn Telstra and Xero. Scammers purposefully impersonate reputable brands as they have large customers bases. The larger the brand, the more change potential victims have used services from them. Are you using a Mail Filtering Solution? Such as itro Mail Scan ...

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