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Phishers Are Targeting Office 365 Again

Phishers have a new trick up their sleeve, they are checking the credentials entered into a spoofed login page in real time and the victims are redirected to their real Office 365 inbox!...

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Cyber crime

The Best Ways To Deal With Cybercrime In 2019

It’s not hackers or sophisticated attacks that worry our engineers. We asked them two questions to get to the bottom on why cybercrime is terrorising business, and their answers have a disconcerting consistency. ...

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How To Keep Your Family Safe Online

Every house hold owns approximately 17 internet-connected devices, from smart TVs to voice assistances, smart devices have made our lives easier and more comfortable for years....

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Xero, The New Email Scam Victim

Stay In The Loop! Facebook Twitter Linkedin Earlier this month Xero announced on their noticeboard of yet another email scam impersonating them. Mail Guard was quick to detect this scam and shed some light on the situation also. This malicious email appears to be using the display name of Xero and states a reminder in the...

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